NORTH-REG is led by a Steering Committee consisting of two delegates from each of the Nordic countries – Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland (one delegate). The chairman is elected from this group. Other members of the Scientific Committee are appointed ad hoc based on relevance for ongoing and prospective studies from relevant clinical and paraclinical specialties.

Coordination of studies, approval processes, and running costs are structured through a Scientific Study Office with reference to the chairman of the Steering Committee on a daily basis and through this with reference to the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Study Office consists of central study coordinators and scientific research associates.


Professor Jørgen Bjerggaard Jensen (Chairman)

Dept. of Urology, Aarhus University Hospital 

Consultant Gitte W. Lam

Dept. of Urology, Herlev Hospital 


Professor Fredrik Liedberg

Dept. of Urology, Skåne University Hospital, Malmö

Professor Amir Sherif

Dept. of Urology, Umeå University Hospital


Consultant Erik Haug

Dept. of Urology, Tønsberg

Consultant Gigja Gudbrandsdottir

Dept. of Urology, Helse Bergen


Professor Peter Boström

Dept. of Urology, Turku University Hospital

Consultant Riika Järvinan

Dept. of Urology, Helsinki University Hospital


Consultant Sigurdur Gudjonsson

Dept. of Urology, Lanspitalin University Hospital, Reykjavik