Nordic Medac Grant

Applications for the Nordic Medac Grant will open in June 2024

Medac announces a grant to support research and development for urothelial cancer in the Nordic countries. Medac´s intention with this grant is to support Nordic resident physicians and/or specialists within urology with interest in research and development. Applications will be evaluated by a reviewing committee, consisting of members from NORdic uroTHelial cancer REsearch Group – NORTH-REG and medac.


Applicants: Resident physicians or specialist physicians within urology working in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland or Finland are eligible to apply.

The Grant: 10 000 Euro

Funds are applicable to the following intent:

·         Research and development in urothelial cancer focusing on bladder and upper urinary tract

·         Courses, trainings, relevant site visits with focus on urothelial cancer

Funds will be distributed to one or two applicants appointed by the reviewing committee. Projects involving more than one of the Nordic countries will be prioritized.

This grant is not intended to cover cost for salary and salary related costs for those wanting to fund their bachelor’s or master’s thesis, university education, or equivalent state funded program. Application deadline is 1st of September 2023.

All applicants will receive notice of committee decision earliest four weeks after the submission deadline.

Grants will be announced every year on Urologidagarna in Sweden, Kirurgisk Høstmøte in Norway, DUS årsmøte in Denmark and Suomen Urologiyhdistyksen Talvipäivät in Finland.

All grant recipients are required to submit at least a one page report (A4, font 12) on a yearly basis until the end of the project. It is possible for the report to be published in the Swedish Journal, Svensk Urologi, or/and in the Finnish Journal Urologia Fennica and/ or on any of the affiliated organization’s journals or websites and medac´s website.

Medac will reserve the right to invite the grant recipient(s) to present their project and results.